Day One Discovery

The Concept

We created the Day One Discovery© program to address repeated failures of products to generate the "delightful" user experience that product managers strive for. Using our methodology, product teams have realized huge improvements in the initial customer experience, dramatic reduction in support costs, and higher conversion rate potential.  Typically, user experience problems are not discovered until after release and result in escalating support costs, expensive rewrites, and reputation-damagingnegative user reviews.  By evaluating the initial customer experience with Day One Discovery prior to a release, you will identify and correct issues before they affect your bottom line and allow you to gain a competitive advantage. 

With Day One Discovery, you will:

  • Map out, evaluate, and optimize the customer’s initial product experience prior to release: This evaluation helps you discover and repair issues before they can result in high-volume start-up support calls (installation, licensing, configuration, registration, etc.)
  • Identify potential pitfalls and negative customer experiences: A bad initial experience damages customer satisfaction, and increases support costs, and lowers product revenue.  Improving the initial customer experience generates better reviews and press while reducing product abandonment both in trials and actual product releases.
  • Create a collaborative environment between the product team members and all other individuals and teams involved in the product experience: One of the primary benefits mentioned by D1D alumni is the collaborative atmosphere and lasting cross functional relationships generated during the experience. 

The Execution

A D1D exercise is a collaborative effort involving the entire end-to-end product team. Using a predefined scenario and presentation materials, a D1D moderator walks the team through the end-user experience during their initial exposure to the product. This is often the first time the entire team, from customer facing sales engineers, through the product development team, to manufacturing, have the opportunity to work together to gain insight about both the end users of the application and the software and delivery mechanisms. 

 The Deliverables

Once you complete the D1D exercise, you will receive a detailed report and an interactive session to discuss all recommended actions and suggestions.  The report will contain:

  • An executive summary of the findings
  • A complete breakdown of the walkthrough steps with observations, issues, and action items noted for each step
  • Recommendations for resolution of usability issues

 The Benefits

A D1D Exercise will provide your company with:

  • Higher customer satisfaction with the initial product experience.
  • A significant reduction in initial support calls.
  • Positive exposure in reviews and press.
  • Reduced product abandonment from negative customer experiences.
  • A deeper understanding of the customer experience upon product release.
  • An ongoing active partnership between field personnel and the development teams as a result of their collaboration during the D1D exercise. 

For more information and a portfolio of examples, please visit our contact page and drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you!