Product Service: Startup Package

Creating a product that not only meets your user’s needs, but makes them want to use it doesn’t happen through guesswork.  Having a thorough understanding of your product goals, your business goals and your users’ goals allows you to balance the three of them in a workable manner in an achievable MVP.


Discovery Stage

By working with you to understand your business and product goals and then combining this knowledge with field user research we can:

  • Identify your target users and provide you with detailed persona write-ups including goals, challenges, typical and atypical tasks, and usage attributes.
  • Establish the high-value use cases and tasks and then detail out the current workflows for those tasks.

We will also investigate the competitive landscape to get an understanding of the product space you are competing in and identify any best practices for the attributes you would like to incorporate into your product. 


Strategy Stage

Once the discovery information has been collected, we will generate the following for evaluation and refinement with your team:

  • Optimal workflows for those high-value use cases and tasks to use as a basis for the UI design of your product.
  • The ROI of the new workflows compared to how users currently approach their primary tasks to help validate your business model.
  • A conceptual user interaction model showing how a user would interact with your product at a task or goal level. 
  • A navigation framework showing the major navigation components and a recommendation on the navigation style.
  • The information architecture or application map to use as a design guide.  This shows how the page level structure would live in the navigation and how a user would navigate the product to achieve their goals.

Working with you to refine this model will allow us to create a UX roadmap that plans for the MVP short term, but includes all the features in a staged progression going forward.  


Planning and Design Stage

By the time we get to this stage, you will have enough information to define the detailed UI for your product and feel confident that it will both be well received and meet the primary needs of your users.  The relationships you will have created during the field research stage will allow you to have a willing audience for design validation, prototype walkthroughs, and other user feedback sessions.

You will also have the option of having us produce the following design deliverables if you aren't planning on doing them in-house:

  • Templates for the architectural structure of your UI - this includes landing pages and page templates for core tasks.
  • UI guidelines for text, fields, labels, and other components that need to be consistent throughout the UI
  • Visual style guide and assets for the visual design.  

For more information and a portfolio of examples, please visit our contact page and drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you!