Whether you are planning on being a market leader or simply want to have the most effective user experience for your operations team, having a keen understanding of your end users’ behavior and goals is key to making this happen.  

With industry leading experience and skills in enterprise user research and product design, our expert consultants bring a fresh perspective to designing processes and products, helping your users become more effective, efficient and engaged.

UX startup package

We work with you through the initial steps of UX research and product design, giving you the tools to complete your user interface with your own team.  Package includes user and stakeholder interviews, storyboards, planning and roadmaps, wireframe templates, custom UI guidelines, and initial visual style guide.

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Research and Evaluation

Research & Strategy

We feel that a vital component of creating an excellent user experience is doing the research. We do customer and stakeholder interviews, competitor evaluations, task analysis, storyboarding and usability testing to help keep it real.  This all gets wrapped up into a product design strategy and roadmap that will help you achieve your business goals.

Day One Discovery

product design

From a set of set of initial design templates and UI guidelines to an end to end design story, we can provide you with as little or as much as you need to provide a stellar user experience to your customers.


Turbocharge your Analysts

By evaluating your current practices and processes at the goal and task level we can build a picture of where are your current bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and pain points.  This research is then used collaboratively with your team to design optimized processes and workflows that will boost your analysts' productivity and take some of the grind out of their jobs.

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Tool Design Strategy

Whether you want to create tools based on your own solutions or as a result of workflow research already done with us, we can work with you and your team to generate requirements and designs for in-house tools.  In addition, if you are looking at a complex tool or large project, we will generate a roadmap and strategy to allow you to schedule and budget for it over time.

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Tool Design Workshop

Let us show your team how to get the most out of tool design through learning how to run a research interview and what questions to ask.  Hands on exercises from initial ideas to lightweight UI design allow the participants to get a feel for the user experience methods used.

Founded by Karolyn Bachelor in 2011, Brass Hill Research & Design (formerly Custom UX Solutions) is uniquely focused on the Security and IT communities with our experts having extensive experience in these domains.   





Our company provides UX experts for complex application research and design. Karolyn is my go-to expert for everything enterprise IT related from network security to cloud management, to load balancing.  Since her first project with us in early 2012 Karolyn has shown a solid mastery of all UX skills, from research and synthesis, to information architecture to interaction design. Perhaps her most valuable trait is the ability to quickly ramp up on various sub domains and apply patterns from other industries to elegantly solve design challenges. I hope to continue to partner with her for many future projects.  
Theresa Neil, UX Designer, Author and Owner of Strategy + Design
Karolyn produces some of the most thorough and detailed research and strategy output I've encountered in the industry. Her work provided my team a solid foundation to design from that was invaluable. Having that level of thought done before we began helped align the team and ensured a successful design process.
Micah Delfino, Partner at futureperfect (futureperfect.io)


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Karolyn Bachelor

User Experience Architect/PRODUCT DESIGNER

Karolyn is an experienced product designer, researcher, team leader, and client liaison  and has had clients in the IT and security industries varying from start-up software firms to established enterprise companies. She is very much an all around user evangelist who thrives on helping teams make complicated security and IT solutions understandable and usable through user research, workflow analysis, and creative design. In her free time you can usually find her carving canyons on her motorcycle or working on her vineyard in the California Sierras.

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